Glossy Clean Blog Clean - maid and house cleaning in Cleveland, Ohio area. Spring House Cleaning Tips's that time of year again - time to get your house ready for the warm, sunny months ahead with a little spring cleaning. However, as is the case with many things, spring house cleaning goes a lot more smoothly when you have a really good plan in place right from the get-go. Keep the following expert tips in mind while you go about yours. Your home will be magazine perfect in no time flat!

Spring House Cleaning Tips

Cut Down on Clutter

Start by eliminating clutter on a systematic, room-to-room basis first. Put objects and tools away in their designated places if they have them. You may also find it helpful to pick up some additional storage containers before you begin to help you easily relocate specific items. Designate one container for items that will be going into the garage, one for items you plan on donating, and one for items you're planning on taking to the dump altogether.

Make Your Windows Sparkle

Everyone knows that spring means it's time to catch up on your window washing. However, beautiful, sunny days can make it harder than it has to be. Make things easier on yourself by choosing a cloudy, cool day to do yours. Otherwise, the sun might dry your cleaning solution too quickly, leaving unsightly streaks and spots.

Don't forget your window treatments either! Most drapes and curtains won't have gotten dirty enough to necessitate a full laundering. Try giving them a quick cleaning with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum instead to remove dust. Looking to freshen up sheer curtains? Try tossing them in the dryer with a softener sheet on a low setting to do the same job.

Give Carpets a Little TLC

If your carpets are under warranty, then you'll want to make sure yours doesn't require you to leave your deep cleaning to the professionals. If it doesn't, then definitely save a buck or two by renting a deep cleaner and doing it yourself. Make sure you use stain-specific, dedicated cleaners to treat especially tough spots before you get started. Your carpet will be springtime fresh in no time flat!

Have a Partner Help You Clean Problem Spots

Any thorough spring cleaning plan is naturally going to involve moving heavy items like furniture or large appliances to clean underneath to the greatest extent possible. Don't attempt to do this yourself or you could risk injury. Have a partner or friend help you move the items. Even when it comes to tough obstacles like your fridge and stove, you should still be able to move them far enough back that you can clean behind with a vacuum attachment. Don't forget to roll up your area rugs and vacuum underneath while you're at it!

Freshen Your Furniture

Knowing how to properly care for your furniture over time is an important part of spring house cleaning, as well as extending the life of your items for as long as possible. Keep leather supple and beautiful by restoring it with good quality upholstery conditioners. Suede can be rejuvenated with a special suede brush and suede/nubuck cleaner. Fabric upholstery should be vacuumed and spot cleaned while all wooden furniture is given a thorough once-over with natural furniture cleaner and polish.

Perform a Safety Check

Of course, safety is important all year round. However, spring house cleaning is the perfect opportunity to perform a few essential checks. As you make your way through the rooms of your house, take the opportunity to replace batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If you don't already have fire extinguishers in your home, it's time to buy some and place them in your kitchen, garage, or any other rooms where they might eventually come in handy. You're sure to be glad you did!

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Sat, 18 Apr 2015 20:27:58 UTC Fall Home Cleaning Tips cleaning is a home cleaning method which makes use of cleaning products with the help of environmentally friendly substances. These environment friendly products are of high quality and help in preserving the human health.

The basic techniques that are used in green cleaning do not make use of chemically reactive or toxins and therefore do not lead to any problems. Most of the companies which are proficient in house cleaning make use of toxic products which can result in respiratory and skin irritations in human beings. Cleaning companies which manufactures cleaning products which are eco- friendly are normally termed as green. These days due to the large amount of awareness among the people, green cleaning is being highly demanded. Though we clean up our houses on a daily basis, there are certain areas which need to be given extra attention. There are many homes which make use of the services of maids in order to clean up the house in a more professional manner. However, cleaning needs more professional approach so as to avoid any damage or infection to the occupants. There are cleaning companies which are offer best services with respect housekeeping, pest control, carpet cleaning, daily office cleaning, floor cleaning and maintenance. In case you are looking forward to clean up your office or house you should contact a professional expert in this area as they would do a great job thereby giving you a sense of satisfaction to you.

Fall Home Cleaning in Cleveland

Normally, regular cleaning is referred to cleaning up of everything that is visible to the human eyes. House cleaning involves cleaning up of areas which might not be reachable. These areas are normally not cleaned up on a daily basis such as below furniture, inside the refrigerator, inside the oven and so on. While regular cleaning of the house reduces the litter, it is difficult to keep the house dust free and perfectly neat. In such cases home cleaning service providers play an important role. Dust accumulates on the surfaces of household goods. Most common place where in dust accumulation is the maximum is furniture and this can lead to respiratory diseases in the long run. The simplest way to detect dust is the touch the surface. One can experience sneezing and breathing problems due to the presence of dust. Dust removal has been a tough task and there are many devices invented to help in the same. One such device is the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners help in removal of minute dust particles from surfaces such as carpets, curtains, pillows, furniture, cushions and many more. Though there are cheap ways of removing dust such as mops, these have not proven to be effective.

The most inexpensive means of cleaning up your office or home is to do the cleaning work by yourself. This is not an easy task and therefore if you feel you house needs a professional touch with respect to cleaning then approach the nearest cleaning company. They would be glad to help you with the task.

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Fri, 20 Sep 2013 12:33:02 UTC House Cleaning Tips you one among those who love to have a spotless house but do not have time to spend on cleaning work? Well, Don't worry any more. Here are a few tips that have been given by the best experts in this field. These tips will make your work easy, effective and less time consuming. You will have a sparkling house within no time.

Kitchen is the first place which tends to get dirty quickly. Experts suggest to start cleaning from the right side of your stove and to move in the clockwise direction. The stove is the part which becomes dirty very soon. You can drip your pans and knobs in lukewarm water. Your solution can have soap content. This will remove the excess grease and oil on your pans and knobs. There are solutions which are specialized solutions which can remove grease and oil and you can use them.

House Cleaning Tips

Your sink is prone to bacterial attack. It is hard to believe but experts feel that a dirty sink can lead to many new diseases. It is found that the kitchen sink is prone to more bacterial attacks than your toilet seat. It is therefore important that you use a good sanitizer and a disinfectant to clean your kitchen sink. While cleaning your sink, take care that you use soap water first and then spray vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and let the sink dry for few minutes. You can wash it off after the layer is dried up. Experts recommend that you should spray a few drops of oil after you wash off your sink. This will help in preventing water from stagnating and thereby will help your sink to look clean for a longer time.

If you use a dishwasher then it is important that you use baking soda and wipe it in the interior of the dish washer. You can even run the dishwasher with an empty cycle as this will help in killing bacteria.

We all tend to use sponges to clean every part of the kitchen. Sponges are the best areas where bacteria breed. They need to be disinfected often. The best method to do this is to squeeze the sponge and microwave the sponge for a minute or two. You should replace your sponge as soon as they start smelling.

Keep your bathroom door clean and shining. You should rub a teaspoon of lemon once a month. There are many solutions available in the market which can be used for this purpose as well.

Remove clogging of pipelines in your toilet by hair and other particles. You may use products available in the market which are specialized for this purpose. Pouring boiling water will also help in draining the clogs and thereby help in keeping the pipelines problem free. If you are prone to hair fall then there are chances that your house has lots of annoying hair strands all over the floor. You should sweep them often. It is a good idea to do so every day.

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Tue, 06 Aug 2013 11:27:59 UTC Happy Fourth of July this Fourth of July, Americans are commemorating the adaption of Independence Declaration. In this America's national birthday, people will start to celebrate the most important time in their history. This is one of the most significant holidays for many people and it also means that they will be preparing their house for a celebration with their family and loved ones.

Happy Fourth of July from Glossy Clean - house cleaning services in Cleveland, Strongsville, North Royalton, Broadview Hts, Brecksville, Macedonia, Twinsburg, Avon and Avon Lake

If you want to have a clean and comfortable environment in your house while you celebrate the Independence Day with your family, friends and loved ones, contact Glossy Clean now and enjoy a perfect holiday party. Glossy Clean will do everything that you want to keep your house at its best state when your relatives come to your home. Are you always worried about all the dust around the corner of your house and you are afraid that you cannot clean it on time? Then, there is no need for you to worry because Glossy Clean will do the job for you. Don't worry about wasting so much time in cleaning your house. All you need to do is prepare all the foods before the party starts. Glossy Clean will do all the cleaning stuffs for you. You can choose from a wide array of different cleaning services that they are offering. They have been doing business for years, giving the assurance that they are knowledgeable about the appropriate services that your house needs.

Independence Day is here, and you have to make your house as homey as possible for all your guests and your relatives that will join you for this very special day. Make your house look fresh and clean with the services offered by Glossy Clean. You don't actually have to worry if you or your guests have dermatological or respiratory health problems because they are using certified Green Seal products only. Unlike any other house cleaning companies, they are not using harmful chemicals that can trigger your respiratory problems like asthma. They are using products that are environmental-friendly to make your house fresh, allergy-free and more convenient.

If you want to make your holiday more special and worth remembering, get the services provided by Glossy Clean. We are offering house cleaning services that are highly affordable. They are equipped with high quality materials and products to make your house healthy and clean. Do not spend your time during this important holiday in cleaning all the mess and dirt in your house. You can host a party in your apartment, condo or in your house. You can also spend a perfect day with your family outside while the reliable and professional house cleaners are cleaning all the mess in your home. We do their cleaning professionally, and they are also offering a hundred percent clientele satisfaction. All the skilled cleaning crews will provide a better workmanship than you have ever expected.

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Tue, 02 Jul 2013 11:27:02 UTC Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Day from Glossy Clean - house cleaning services in Cleveland, Ohio

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Sat, 11 May 2013 08:55:39 UTC Make Your Home Boo-Tiful With Glossy Clean! is just around the corner, and you know what that means - getting the scary out of your house with an appropriate clean. It's easy to let cleaning fall by the wayside during this time of the year - preparing for the holidays and also getting the kids back to school takes up a lot of time. When you're juggling your children's schedules and also your own, who has the time to worry about dusting?

Hallowen house cleaning services in Strongsville, Cleveland, North Royalton, Broadview Hts., Brecksville.

The trouble is that if you don't keep on top of your cleaning, your house can turn into a scary mess long before Halloween. While cobwebs and dust-covered mantels might be iconic in a monster mansion, that doesn't mean you want them in your house on permanent display! Keep your home spick and span and keep the cobwebs relegated to yearly decorations with the help of the friendly professionals at Glossy Clean.

Surely you'll find it a treat to connect with professionals who can get the job done in a flash. It's no trick - we have the skills and cleaning materials needed to get your home in tip-top shape so that it's ready for the avalanche of trick or treaters who will come at the end of the month. Not to mention that you'll be able to spend more time with your family, maybe planning fun holiday events, if you don't have to worry about what a scary mess your house is becoming! We arrive on time, make sure the job is totally complete, and leave your house spick and span.

So contact us today at Glossy Clean. Cleaning doesn't have to be scary - make it a sweet treat by letting the professionals come in and dust the ghosts out. We're sure to make your home Boo-Tiful in time for the Halloween holiday season and beyond!

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Tue, 30 Oct 2012 09:00:11 UTC Welcome Autumn In With a Clean House! spring cleaning is the iconic term and time of year for getting your house in shape after the winter, there's a lot to be said about fall cleaning too. Particularly if you have kids around, simply gearing up the family for yet another school year can be exhausting and stressful. You need to figure out everyone's schedule, and make sure that everyone is where they need to be, lunches need to be prepared, and back to school cleaning must be accomplished. Not to mention that there's probably still quite a bit of mess left around the house from summer vacations and adventures.

Autumn house cleaning in Strongsville, North Royalton, Broadview Hts, Cleveland, University Hts, Avon, Avon Lake, Brecksville.

It's easy to let house cleaning slip by with all of the events that happen when fall begins. However, it's important to remember that the holiday season is coming up; which likely means family and parties and people coming over to your home to be festive. There's trick or treaters and then Thanksgiving rolls around, and before you know it it's the holiday season. You need to keep your home in tip-top shape to be able to take all of that action!

With help from the professionals at Glossy Clean, you'll be surprised how affordable and easy having a clean home can be. We can get your home ready for fall events and holiday parties very quickly, and having us stop by your home regularly will ensure that no matter when you get done with soccer practice or work, your home is a clean and comfortable oasis for you and your family.

Don't just leave all the cleaning until spring! With the help of the professionals at Glossy Clean, you can have a comfortable home that is dirt free and dust free all year around. We look forward to working with you and ensuring that your home is beautiful all throughout the year.

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Sat, 15 Sep 2012 17:00:11 UTC Happy Memorial Day to those who have given their lives in the past so that we may carry forward the freedom of our country.

Glossy Clean - Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2012

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Fri, 25 May 2012 15:13:28 UTC Keep Your Home Sweet This Valentine's Day With Help From Glossy Clean's day is famous for many things - happy couples, red hearts, flowers, and chocolate. But have you considered using Valentine's Day as the perfect excuse to get your house in tip-top condition? It's hard to have a home full of love if it's also full of dust - but we here at Glossy Clean can help!

The best gift for Valentine's Day is house cleaning from Glossy Clean.

Having a clean home is conducive to a smooth and happy family life, no doubt - if a mess is left to sit for too long, it's not unusual for problems to begin cropping up in the home. If you think that clutter and dust in your home is starting to cause problems with your special sweetie, why not reward yourself (and them) with a new clean home courtesy of Glossy Clean?

It's true that most people would choose to have a clean home over a dirty one. The trouble is that with the busy life that you lead, you might not be able to give your home the attention it deserves. Celebrate the season of love this year by giving your home the extra love it deserves with help from the experts at Glossy Clean!

Sweets for the sweet, and clean homes to help strengthen bonds. We've got the skills that you need so that you have a home that is a proud representation of all of your happy relationships. If you need a little push to get there, don't forget about us here at Glossy Clean. We're always here to help you get the home that you deserve - a clean and happy one! A clean home will help "clear out" your relationships and leave plenty of room for new, positive growth. What better way to respect your partner and your home than by celebrating Valentine's Day with a little love from Glossy Clean?

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